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SkipTo LLC is an innovative company that takes care of advising, helping, assisting and following step by step those who want to move to live in Panama. We handle all legal, tax, technological, banking, corporate, real estate, business marketing and cryptocurrency matters, all focused on a perfectly legal and secure transfer to Panama. SkipTo is made up of a pool of expert lawyers, accountants, web marketing, IT engineers, financial consultants and real estate brokers, each with years of experience in the reference sector.

Why Panama?

Leaving aside the financial and economic aspects and all the advantages that Panama offers from that point of view, let's dwell for a moment on everything that is important and is evaluated when deciding to change country and move.

The Republic of Panama is a country that has experienced tremendous growth in recent decades and still offers many opportunities today.

The infrastructures are absolutely of a good standard, with a good road network, a fast and stable Internet connection, the health system offers an excellent level of assistance at affordable prices.

Residence in Panama

Benefits for retirees

Tax benefits

Tax on personal income

Real estate taxes

Panamanian anonymous company

Corporate Income Tax

Private Interest Foundations

Delaware LLC Corporation

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