Legal Assistance and Immigration.

Young entrepreneurs who want to open a company or startup in a business-friendly country, digital nomads, but also entire families who want to change their lives, retirees looking for a place to fully enjoy their retirement years.

These and many others are the profiles looking for new opportunities and it is no coincidence that the number of foreign residents in Panama is very high. Almost all nationalities can apply for permanent residence in Panama, some are facilitated such as Spain and Italy, others require more supporting documents.

By residing in Panama, taxation is significantly reduced and in some cases can be eliminated. Taxes in Panama are due only on payments and transactions between Panamanian persons, companies and entities carried out on Panamanian territory. Taxation in Panama is territorial. Capital flows from abroad (whether they are sales of goods or services, pensions, capital gains, capital gains or other) are not taxed, no taxes of any kind are paid.

Anyone can move to Panama permanently within a few weeks, being able to come and go as they please. If Panama is chosen every year by thousands of people from all over the world, not only as a tourist destination, but as a base from which to build a new life and establish their own business, it is because the Republic of Panama offers so many valid reasons to do so.

Our service is exceptional...

At Skipto, we are committed to providing the best legal and immigration assistance service in Panama. We understand that legal and immigration procedures can be complex and daunting, which is why we are here to assist you at every stage of the process.

Our team of experts in law and immigration is highly qualified and has extensive experience in a variety of legal and immigration matters. Whether you are looking to obtain permanent residency in Panama, apply for a work visa, establish a company in the country, or need legal advice in any other area, we are ready to provide you with the guidance and assistance you need.

At Skipto, we understand that every situation is unique, and we will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and find the best legal and immigration solution for you. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible so that you can successfully achieve your legal and immigration objectives.

No matter what your situation or the type of legal practice you need to carry out in Panama, at Skipto, we are here to help you navigate the legal and immigration system efficiently and effectively. Trust us to be your trusted partner in all your legal and immigration matters in Panama